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Irrigation System Services

Worry-free irrigation system repair, maintenance, start up and shutdown we do it all!

Plus complete installation of a brand new system at residential, commercial or HOA properties.

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Hurry we'll start scheduling for 2019 before the end of March!!!

Startups & Shutdowns​​​

  • Arriving at your property we'll need access to your Clock/Control Panel, Backflow and Drain valve/Water Meter.


  •  We'll reinstall your backflow

  • Charge the lines

  • Test your backflow

  • Cycle through all zones

  • Adjust any sprinklers not on target

  • Replace any broken sprinkler, any type

  • Double checking the whole system is ready and set to autorun

  • And closing any gates/doors on our way out


  • Shut off the water to the irrigation system

  • Adjust valves on the backflow and lines

  • Blow out each zone

  • And drain any water from the line leading out

  • Closing all valves

  • Turning off the clock and unplugging it

  • Double checking the whole system has been properly winterized 

  • And closing any gates/doors on our way out