Lovely orange and red leaves adorn trees during the fall season here in Iowa. However, the colorful leaves eventually fall off the trees, creating large piles that litter your lawn. While these piles are fun for kids and pets, they're not so much for you or your turf. After all, leaf piles can smother your grass, blocking essential nutrients and resources from reaching the roots. Additionally, these piles create dark, moist environments, which attract pests and provide ideal conditions for lawn diseases to thrive. Because of this, you'll want to schedule a leaf removal service this fall so pros can take this chore off your hands and ensure your lawn stays healthy in preparation for the winter.

Leaf piles smother your lawn and block essential nutrients and resources from reaching its roots.

Professionals blowing and raking leaves into piles to remove from a customer's property in Des Moines, IA.

As the trees lose their leaves during the fall, leaf piles on your lawn become nearly inevitable. However, they can harm your turf if not removed, smothering the grass underneath and blocking essential nutrients and resources, like sunlight, water, and air, from reaching its roots. As long as the leaf piles remain on your lawn, they'll weaken your grass and could even kill it, leaving you with brown patches in the spring.

Fortunately, scheduling a leaf removal service can help you avoid these problems altogether! Pros will efficiently and effectively remove all leaves from your lawn and haul them away. Not only will your grass benefit from this, but your property's curb appeal will too!

Many professional leaf removal services are available from early November until the first snowfall, usually around mid-December.

Leaf piles attract pests looking for shelter and protection.

A deer tick on a leaf up close in detail near Des Moines, IA.

When leaves accumulate into piles on your lawn, they create the perfect shelter for pests. Dark, moist environments attract pests, as it gets them out of the sun and protects them from potential predators. When you don't remove the leaf piles, ticks, fleas, spiders, and other pests will take up residence on your turf. Because of this, you'll want to schedule a leaf removal service in the fall so pros can take this dreaded chore off your hands and eliminate potential pest attractors!

Leaf piles foster the perfect environment for lawn diseases.

A lawn with dead grass in need of rejuvination near Des Moines, IA.

Leaf piles block sunlight and trap moisture underneath, which will not only weaken your grass but can also provide ideal conditions for lawn diseases to thrive. After all, very little air can flow to the turf underneath, which becomes even worse after it snows. Snow is heavy and wet, increasing moisture underneath that cannot dry out without proper ventilation; this fosters the perfect environment for fungi to establish, the most common ones in Iowa being dollar spot, ascochyta leaf blight, and snow mold.

Lawn diseases are less likely to become an issue when you schedule a leaf removal service. Pros will ensure there aren't piles left over by the time the snow falls. That way, the leaves don't provide conditions for fungi to establish, and your lawn has a better chance of surviving the winter season and into next spring.

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If you want professionals to handle the leaf piles on your lawn this fall, we're the ones to call! At Ultimate Lawn Services, we'll blow all the leaves to the curb before using our vacuum trucks to haul them away. That way, you can enjoy a leaf-free lawn without doing the work, and your grass can stay as healthy as possible in time for the winter!

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